Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beginning of Birdhouse Village Quilt Pattern

My friend Pam and I have been wanting to do a quilt together, with embroidery designs. And, we settled on a Triple Irish Chain quilt with an embroidered border. We are doing a village of birdhouses and I spent the weekend drawing up the different buildings. Yesterday I finished some trees and to add a few final touches like little birdies...and we'll be ready to begin stitching!
I'm going to write the instructions and fabric requirements up and this will be on Craftsy before you know it! (Hoping to get it all done by the 10th of October...or before).
The collage is shown as a redwork but it could also be multi-colored. 
I'm already in love with this quilt...and can't wait to get started.
But first, I have three crazy quilt blocks to finish up stitching on.
What do you think? Is this a quilt you'd like to do?
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