Monday, September 30, 2013

Nickilee's Fan Block Continues

Here's what I've gotten done on Nickilee's fan block so far, I'm almost finished attaching the lace to the corner. Next will be to add beads! It will be ready to mail out tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. This was an interesting little fan block, because all of her fan blades were the after much thought...I decided to keep my stitching as symmetrical as possible too.
I'm not sure it's what she envisioned when piecing her blocks...but I'm really liking it. The photo really does not do it justice at is very girly, shabby chic and beautiful with all that silk ribbon. A few more final touches...and I'll be back tomorrow to let you see the results and final photo!


Thearica said...

You made this block rock. I was wondering how these would work up once embellished. Pretty!

Lisa Boni said...

Love this block! Colors and the embellishment are just perfect!