Finished the Fan Block

Now it is ready to go into the mail.
I'm really loving this little block, it has all the soft and feminine style that I enjoy working with. The lace was a piece of hand-dyed venice that I'd had for a while, and thought I might never use that shade of green. Goes to show ya! Keep it long enough, and the perfect little project will come around...the color matches perfectly!


ladycobblestones said...

As always, I am amazed at your stitching. It's beautiful.
Smiles to you.

margaret said...


Amy in LA said...

Oh, Kathy-your SRE is just the prettiest! The owner of the block is going to be such a lucky lady! It is such a serene looking block-thanks for a great start to the day, Amy in LA

Marilyn said...

Kathy that is just gorgeous. I loved the blank block but your stitching makes it wonderful.

Marcy said...


NickiLee said...

OMG! I had to look twice to see if it was actually one of my blocks that I had sent you. One word to sum it up : GORGEOUS!
Thank you!

Nicki Lee