Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wow...just think!

Last month, on 17 September...we had a drawing to celebrate 400 followers! And, one month later...we're up to almost 450! That stupendous! So, let's have a drawing when we hit 450!!!
 We'll be drawing for some hand dyed lace!!! And one of my beaded Czech Glass Dragonfly Buttons!

AND, I want all of you to know that when we reach 500...we will celebrate with a stupendious give-a-way! So, put the word out...we only need 50 more...and we did that many in one month!!
How would you like a nice big box of wonderful and gorgeous CQ goodies...and more!!
As a matter of fact...let's just have 5 prizes! One for each of our 100 followers.
Wonder how long it will take to get the next 50?
Just comment below...to enter the 450 drawing for some dyed lace and this gorgeous beaded dragonfly button cabochon! And...yes, I'll mail to international! We'll select the winner from all the comments by random number generator...you qualify if I can reach you by email. Wonder who our #450 follower will be? Hmmm...that should be a prize too...don't you think? If you are number 4-5-0...email me!
Edited to add: Congrats to Jennifer C. of Australia for being #450; and I'll send her some dyed lace for that. And it didn't take but a couple of hours to get to450...yeah! 
I forgot to set a deadline for drawing entries...so let's make it midnight on Friday, EST. Saturday I'll post the winner!

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