Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Have Skills!

And, this photo proves it! Let me tell's not easy holding an object in your left hand...and gripping it so it will "open"...while holding the camera with your right hand...and pushing the shutter button...AND getting a photo that is in focus! I am so proud!
We have been challenged to complete a little thimble our most recent Fun Friday Toot over on StitchMAP...and this is mine. 
It was fast, only a couple of hours...and the next one will be more elaborate. But, this one was fun. Here is my little design for the front.
The sides are made from plastic (milk jug for me). I covered the plastic shape with fabric, using a glue stitch to help out...and the inside was just felt cut to the same shape.
I stitched each "side" separately...
 then used the English Paper Piecing technique to put the three sides together...leaving an opening area of course. I added some cording to the sides to cover the seams...and make a little tassle. Then a few clay roses to the bottom and a few beads to the top and it's finished!
All ready to hand on my chatelaine (if it ever gets stitched)...and hold my favorite thimble. It actually could hold two or three...

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