Thursday, October 22, 2015

Put Your Thinking Cap On...and Win!

I'm procrastinating...because I don't want to work on a Halloween costume. There is a long-term project that has kept me busy for the past few and time permitted.  
Today, I added some more beads to it. Really to "them".
I also cleared out some magazines...and found that I had a duplicate of a dis-continued Inspirations Magazine, #11 published back in 1996. 
The reason I have this edition is that it has a great little pattern for a mouse pin cushion with silk ribbon (or thread) embroidery on it.
So, why not give it away? Therefore...let's have a contest...yeh, I here you groaning...but it might be fun! 
All you need to do is guess what I'm working on...and I'll give you a huge is NOT a crazy quilt block.
All of the pictures (other than the magazine of course) relate to this, just leave me a comment...and the first person to guess gets the magazine!
One project is Winter Themed and the other is Springtime Themed...but both are the same thing. 
So...what are they?
10/25/15 Edited to Add: Okay, the guessing is over...and we have no winner! Guess I made it too hard...huh? There were some "close" guesses...but not correct. The correct answer is "Detachable Yokes". These will be available in my Etsy store if I ever get them done! Thanks for all the new ideas based on your comments too....ROFL! HUGS!
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