Thursday, April 23, 2015

Painting and Drying Frame

While painting ribbon, as it lay on my table...I began thinking about how I might do this vertically. Dipped ribbon is easy to deal with, but painted ribbon requires brush strokes. If "ombre" style was to be done...the ribbon needed to be painted along the length. This is not possible with dipping into dye cups.
I thought about using a set of stretcher bars or my quilt frame. However, once dye gets on might come off on my future work...not a good idea.
But, since i make my own frames now anyway...and had all of the "connections"...all I really needed was a good design and more 1/2 inch PVC pipe! But this "model" was way too tall, making me stretch to paint the ribbon. And the ribbon on the backside (from wrapping) was too difficult to get to.

So, I created a wider version that was still tall, just not AS TALL as before. I used my prior side pieces as the width, just needed to cut one more of those.

 The ribbon painting was still a lot of work, and I'm not entirely sure it's a good use of my time.

The ribbon was pretty when rinsed and dried; but not as "ombre" as I had hoped for. Still, it is going to make some very pretty woven roses! I do love my large drying rack/frame however...and may use it for a block or large needle-art piece after the little bit of dye on it came off with bleach water.

So, if you have downloaded the free instructions on building your own can adapt by cutting different pipe lengths (horizontal ones were 25 inches, and vertical ones were 15 inches) and have a cool large frame or drying rack!




Ruth B said...

Gorgeous ribbons Kathy! I hope I get to see your roses!

Maureen said...

I've often wondered whether Hannah ribbon is dyed after it is wound really tight on it's roll by dipping one edge into dye and the other edge in a different color. The roll is always painted as well as the ribbon when bought by the roll. Have you ever tried that?

Gerry Krueger said...

Susie and I tried our hand at painting ribbon in January and didn't get the ombre look we hoped for...but got some interesting result spraying the wet ribbon with various color. I like your frame.