Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Forest Glen

Just finished up a project for a dear friend, a round CQ piece with a fairy silkie in the center. The entire thing is about the size of a medium dinner plate. Hope she will enjoy it! And, here are photos for all my cyber friends too enjoy as well!

 It was a quick project, especially since it was in the sewing room for almost 2 weeks before I could begin it! Finally, I sat down and pulled threads and lace that I had in green...found the two little chickadees while doing that!...aren't they so cute!
Some template seams, lots of beads and stuff later...and voila! It's done!

Oh, and I should say that I did not have to piece the block! My friend sent it to me already pieced...with enough extra fabric to ensure I could hoop nicely...yeah! It took me most of Monday and Tuesday to complete it...but, I'm happy with the results. Hope she is too!

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