Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birthday Celebration!

And we're going to have a Give-A-Way to Celebrate It! All make it pretty simple...cause I'm just too old (and too full of turkey!) to make it very complicated! But, let's make it fun too!

To keep the postage costs down...the prize will be in embroidery threads, lace, silk ribbon, silk threads...etc. The twist is that there will be FIFTY SIX items!! So, celebrate my birthday with me by posting a comment...and you could be the winner!!

The rules: (1) Comment must include a way for me to contact make sure your profile (or the comment itself) has a good email or I'll just move to the next winning entry! (2) Include in your comment a birthday wish rhyme. Yep, ya have to work for it a put your thinking cap on!! (3) Everyone only gets one repeats won't be counted.

Good Luck!
Congratulations to Cathy K. as the winner of the birthday give-a-way. Thanks to all the folks who left comments, they were funny and I enjoyed reading them...and some of you are very clever. The winner was selected using a random generator number.

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