Friday, November 26, 2010

Blue Box Progress--Embroidery and Beads

About a month ago, I started a crazy quilt project...for a friend. She sent me a beautiful cobalt blue box and wanted a crazy quilt scene on the top. We discussed the project, and since the box was so gorgeous...and so blue...we decided an underwater scene would be best. Plus, it's the fastest theme for me to stitch! LOL! The basic beginning was blogged the end of last month, check it out here.

My progress over these past four weeks has been sufficient to finish the stitching and the beads and "do dads" along the sea floor. My stitching is done in little bits of time here and there...along with other stitching projects too! I never have just one thing going at a time...that would be too sane!

Here is the overall project as of today....
If you have ever wanted to "step outside the box" and go beyond the traditional crazy quilt patch work...past the seams and motifs...I hope you will consider doing an under-water theme project. I think they are easy to conceive and the stitching can be as simple with trims and just some feather stitches. Then go nuts with beads, charms, and a few unexpected things to create your fantasy under-water world! 

I think that it does not have to be as realistic as say flowers or, it is easier to create. And there is so much color, texture, and just LIFE under water all sorts of beads can be used to dress the project up.
Think in layers...stitching, lace, more stitching, beads, charms, until you have built everything up. Then, when you think it is done...add more beads!! 

Here are some closeups of the status so far.

Lastly, here is the middle so far. I will now move on to stitching the mermaids hair....and see where that leads me next! Almost done Eileene, she'll be swimming home to you soon!!!

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