Monday, April 17, 2017

Celebrate the little things...

Some of you know that I've been really "cranky" about the new Blogger it makes my life much harder. Well, I've found a simple way to "overcome" the limitations. It won't mean much to you perhaps...but, if you have a lot of blogs might need this tip.

First, the problem:
Prior to the new blogger platform...all of the blogs were listed on the left by order of last, this made it easy to "check" everyones progress in the courses. I didn't have to be concerned about "missing a post" as the blog name would be at the top. 
AFTER the platform changed, only the "3 newly posted" blogs were at the top. Every other blog is listed alphabetically. So, if there were four blogs with new posts...I never knew about that 4th one automatically. Instead, I had to go down the alphabetic listing and open every blog to see if there were any comments. And there are 40-50 that takes some time. Just scrolling up/down to find the 2017 Class blogs takes a little time.

But, I have found a way to help a little. While I can't change the platform... I have gone in and added a little " ` " symbol to the name of the newer class blogs (2017 classes). So, instead of having to scroll down through all 40-50 of my blogs...I can see these at the top of the list and more quickly "click and check" for new comments. It's a way to "get around" the Alpha listing ranking putting all of the 2017 courses "first".
A simple thing...but it makes my life easier. And, that surely makes me smile. So, for today...I'm celebrating the "small things". :)

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