Sunday, September 5, 2010

English Garden Pin Cushion

I've had a pattern for a strawberry pincushion for a while, and thought I try my hand at making one for a friend. Now I'm hooked! Love the much so, that I'm going to make a few up for the Studio as well.

I have several really pretty fabrics with cabbage style roses, so each will have an English Garden type of feel.

If you want to make your own...the pattern is from Crabapple Hill, and is titled #811 Vintage Strawberry Pincushion. The little strawberry is filled with emery, and is a little cumbersome to work up...but the larger one is more manageable in size.

I'm going to do a Princess version as well, with white satin fabric and dangling beads/crystals! What about that! It will be a little more costly because of the bling factor...and I probably won't do a many of it...but every princess needs a special pin cushion!! (Ha, I should do a DIVA one in honor of Aidan!!)

Hope ya'll are having a great day! The weather here is lovely today...and I have all of the windows open!

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