Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fairy Tea Party Block

We just finished a teacup challenge block contest over on the HGTV board. So, I can now post photos of my block. Over 30 ladies entered their blocks, and they were stunning! Check them out here: TEACUPS

The hostess sent us three small pieces of fabric, 2 scraps of white, and a cream background teacup. To this she added a snippet of lace trim, a pewter teapot charm, and a brass basket charm. Eclectic mix to be sure!

I pieced my block of creams and white with lot's of lace to make it girly! Next I found a photo of some Mary Engelbret stickers and enlarged them, printed on silk, and added fusible to the back for adhering to the block. I treated several seams as "shelves" and set my ME teapots and cups there. The white/cream backgrounds in the patches bothered I stitched some "wallpaper" on them.

An applique teapot and an embroidered teapot were added to the mix; along with several of my pewter fairies.

The fairies and the pewter teapot charm were painted with nail polish. The basket charm was also painted to blend with all the other elements.

Lot's of beads, silk ribbon, buttons, and stitches...

and voila a Fairy Tea Party Block! I like the "wallpaper" and will do that again...but hand stitching all those back-stitches and wrapped back-stitches took some time!!

Here's the close up of the teacup fabric square...filed with flowers and a dancing fairy.

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