Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pewter Charm Painting!

Just spent a lovely couple of hours with my granddaughter...playing with fingernail polish! And we didn't make too bad of a mess!

 We polished up some pewter charms, like this birds. Not hard to do, and if you let the polish dry completely (before picking them up) you don't get it all over your fingers either.

Of course, that's not an easy concept to get across to a six year old!

I was painting some fairies for a customer...

And while looking for some charms for Aidan to paint on I found these cute little, of course, I had to paint them up too!

I think there is a fat quarter of strawberry fabric around here somewhere...if I can locate it, a pincushion might be in the works this week!

And...these photos were taken with my new phone. I upgraded my service (another 2 year contract with Verizon) but that's okay since I like their service. Anyway, the phone cost me a whole $12 in shipping...and it has a 5.1 mega pixel camera (the real reason for me deciding to upgrade). My actual camera is a 3.2 MP and is starting to make strange the phone is my backup plan if the camera goes out completely.

So, if ya'll have pewter charms and want to add some color to them...just pull out your fingernail polish and go to town! I buy up the "odd" colors when they go on sale...and have about 30-40 shades now. If you don't have any charms...and want some...just check out what the Studio has (link above). I'd be happy to polish them for you at no charge if you like. But, I encourage you to give this a's loads of fun!

Lot's of fun for kid's projects too! And if you don't like the results...just a cotton ball with fingernail polish remover clears all of your mistakes away!

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