Sunday, June 9, 2019

ICQC-103 is Officially Retired

All of the handouts for the Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course-103 are not part of the Yahoo files. It will not be offered again via this blog.

You can download all of the files and work through the tasks at your leisure just by joining the Yahoo Group Shawkl Files (private group to keep down spammers). We are not a "chat" group, but just a place for me to upload the past class files when I'm no longer planning on teaching them.

If you look at the right side bar here on the blog...look for the little rosebud...that is where you click to join the Group. Complete the requested information (email is all I think, maybe your name). Then, Yahoo Groups will send me an email to go approve you request to join.

I'll do that...and you'll get an email with link to get to the site.

Go to "Files" and download all of the things that interest you.

Have fun!

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