Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rosebud Quilt Designed

Recently, I joined a local quilt guild...seems like a wonderful and busy group, so you know I'll enjoy it a lot. I've already been to a couple of "sew days" and worked to finish my chatelaine (blogged about that recently). But, I skipped the sew day today...because there wasn't anything small for me to carry with me to stitch on. Do you every have that problem?

I could of course taken crazy quilt supplies and worked on seams; but that is a lot of beads and ribbon to haul to and from the car. The sewing machine is another option, but with the same concerns. As I was mulling over this last night...trying to decide to go or not; I decided that a small applique project would be just the solution to this problem. Small and easy enough to work on these types of blocks, then assemble the quilt whenever these were finished. So, I went hunting for an applique project that looked like a project I'd really like to do. I found this vintage inspired idea:

However, the bud has way too many deep "V" and points to make it enjoyable and fast. So, spent time today re-designing and came up with a new little rosebud that I'm thinking will work much better.
Plus, while the original design has two buds (and I'll most likely do this design) there could be a single rose in a block...which would save time appliqueing if that was an issue. The little lines on top of the rose are embroidery as is the stem in the design. Both can be done in Stem Stitch, matching the color of the rose and green/brown for the stem area.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Not that I'm a sane quilter by any means, but I can 'see' these in blocks with either one, two or three roses, just with a simple change of the leaf arrangement. (and yes, I'm ducking and running now!!!).