Friday, June 28, 2019


Un-Finished Objects can be a very discouraging a failure at times. But, they can also bring on feelings of success once we do get back around to completing them!

This quilt has been stored away in my sewing room for many a year. I loved working on it, then for some un-known reason...I grabbed the white fabric and used it for a different project ..."duh, without thinking obviously!"... Then when I came back to work on this quilt, there wasn't enough white to continue very far. So, it got put into a plastic container until I could find the same white-on-white fabric gain

Thankfully, I did manage to find another couple of years at a quilt shop months later...and stored it immediately with the parts of the quilt. But, it still went back into storage..and has not been touched since. I really need to work on this as it is not a difficult quilt to piece pretty quickly. The big question will be, what to do for a border then? The fabrics are older, so that will be the next challenge for it...what will match?

Do you have a UFO story? (Or, perhaps a dozen of them?...ha!)



Susan said...

Might be a dozen. =) This is a great design, and I'm glad you're going to work on it again. My June goal was to finish enough blocks to make one of my UFOs (8 years) into a throw quilt, and I did the blocks. Looks like we're both going to be finishing something this year!

floresita said...

These are gorgeous! I've really gotten into hexagons and English paper Piecing lately, too!

I've been trying really hard to follow through with each project I begin this year, but I have countless UFOs as well as finished objects I'm not sure what to do with!