Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kayla's Block

I've been working these past few days (when time allowed) on a round robin block for Kayla. Here are the photos. I'm trying to get used to this new phone from Verizon...and uploading the pictures. The phone is an iPhone4 and has some great features, and takes great photos...but, it does not accept a micro card like my last phone...so I'm having to connect the phone via a cable and download one at a time...it is cumbersome. I'm sure that there is a faster way..and I'll find it...but, for now...I'm struggling!
Mary stitched before me. She included the spiderweb, feather stitch plant, some seam trim, and cute little seams as well. My seams tend to be larger, but I think that things are "melting together" pretty nicely so far. Next, Erma works her magic to finish up the block.

There were more images...but they are too blurry to make out. I have to get "re-trained" on this phone camera! Hugs!