Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Coming up roses...

This might be a rose you remember...as it is a couple of years old. This was done for an SRE journal. The ribbon for the rose is 13mm bias cut silk ribbon with 7mm silk ribbon for the leaves.
Yesterday I stitched it again with 7mm silk ribbon for the rose and 4mm for th leaves. It is one of the silk ribbon flowers in my Intermediate CQ Class...and I needed to re-write that module. Thought all of you might enjoy the photos.
The turning shades of the grass and leaves (getting a bit "yellow" looking around here) have reminded me that roses are soon to be a thing of the past for this year...as more rain and cold weather begins to drop down into the southern states soon. Some years, it's freezing to go out at Halloween! Roses are my favorite flower to photograph and admire...and I miss them every year beginning about now. Good think we can stitch up a reminder whenever we want!
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