Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bunny Block

This block was both fun and stressful to do. Why do we always worry over what our peers think? It's a social thing I suppose...but it makes me sometime second guess if I like or dislike an aspect of my work. However, after a smidge of time living with this completed block...I have to say that I'm pretty happy with it now.

So much so, that it is framed and sits in my entry way. (There is no room on the wall for hanging...but I like that it sits on the hutch along with framed photos of my grand-parents, parents, children, and grand-children. A place of honor in my home.
 Thought you might like some closeups...here is the central part...my dimensional Bunny. When Pam sent me an email asking if I'd like to contribute a block...she specifically asked if I would do a dimensional bunny...knowing that I contributed a mini-lesson in this technique to Pat Winters magazine before. I was honored and readily agreed. Of course, then I freaked out! Ha! He sits amongst some tiny French Knot flowers made with 2mm silk ribbon. The larger flowers at his base are porcelain teensy beads and 7mm SRE French Knots. The little bunny tail is a rick-rack rose.
This blue flower is from an embroidery design found on Mary Corbet's site. I had done this in acrylic bell flowers once before and liked them so much...but thought that ribbon was a better choice for this block. And as a nod to tradition CQ work; I added a wee little spider and web.

These ants are a very favorite little group of critters that I enjoy adding to many blocks. The idea is not mine, they are inspired by the blog header on Allie's site. I do  mine in different beads, but the original "genus" idea is all her's. Thanks Allie!

This little hedgehog is all bullion stitch on a bed of felt. A simple child's coloring book shape was reduced to about 1.25 inches wide...and covered in embroidery. He is not hard to do at all...just begin at the rear with bullions...and continue to full until you reach the front. Add a seed bead for the eye and he is done. The thread is a variegated brown/black. He travels through a flower bed of irises. The little rose cabochon was beaded by me...and gifted by Maureen Greeson. Thanks again Maureen, isn't it just right at home here?!

Here is another spring garden bed...with tulips. When I think of spring...flowers are the first thing to come to mind. I wanted to include many in this block...without them being the main focus. Hopefully that has been achieved.

Lastly, my most favorite part of the block. The basket of flowers. I began with the basket shape from a photo of a basket. The flowers are perle cotton french knots (Seam #12 in my book) and the roses are made in 2mm gold silk ribbon. The leaves are 4mm silk ribbon, and the bow is 7mm. I just love that this really looks like a basket...so will call it a success!
So, there are the closeups...hope you enjoyed the block as near as I could get you!
Can't wait to get my calendar...and see all of the work by the other ladies too!

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