Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Muze Is Easily Distracted...

My list of project to work on is long. Seriously, really...really long! However, my muze does not have a care in the world...and is easily distracted. Yesterday, I received an email from a friend (Hi Jackie!) asking for a good source to purchase silk ribbon. No problem...happy to share. And, that simple note caused my muze to start thinking about silk ribbon and all of the glorious colors in my ribbon drawer. 
 And, yep...could not stop her...off we went to create something in ribbon.
And, while this little pin cushion is not an item on my TO-DO list...I'm going to still have a great use for it as a gift for a friend.
The bottom is felt, the top is a piece of designer fabric, and the ribbons are green/brown silk leaves, wire rayon yellow for the rose, and gathered rayon? for the small flowers. Add some pearl and porcelain rose beads to finish it all off.
The rose is a tied knot center with individually gathered and placed petals.


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