Friday, September 23, 2011


I just finished marking down the clearance prices at ShawklDesignStudio...and this is your last chance to get stuff before it is gone!
Thanks to those who are asking "what next"...and here's the scoop! 
The Studio is run by a software package from Intuit, managed by a company called Homestead. It is cumbersome, slow, and does not have it's own inventory controls...unless I buy an expensive upgrade. So, I've decided not to do that...and after the inventory is sold or donated the Studio will simple not exist.
I considered keeping a small inventory...but, that is just money down a rabbit hole because of the monthly fee the software costs.
So, anything I decide to make or supplies I want to carry will be on the Etsy site after the Studio closes. There will be things I'll be buying for myself...and if you can't find something elsewhere...please feel free to email me and perhaps I can help you out in your hunt!


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