Monday, September 19, 2011

What's the Problem?

 Seems like I'm just running around in circles lately! I'm behind in posting motifs, and just can't seem to get caught up in so many household chores. It's like I just lost 3 days somewhere...and I'm running to get back on track. And, the least little thing just adds to the mix. For example, Aidan and I spent some time this weekend painting lace (with dye) because my lace drawer was very low in options. I had photos all ready to go...but, the computer decided they were "unstable" and needed to be scanned and fixed. In computer lingo...I found that means deleted. Rats! So, you are left with a newly taken photo of my current lace drawer...fatter than before. But, no photos of my precious little Aidan helping Nana paint.


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