Saturday, April 19, 2014

The New Carport

Today was a very busy day! The entire family (almost) got involved in cleaning up the yard and the menfolk took down the old carport that was really rotting away...and put up a new one. Thought y'all might enjoy a bit of family photos...especially since I'm behind the camera! Ha! But, even before these...the above is a fuzzy photo of Brady...he doesn't stay still long enough for me to focus even! He's is walking now...and thinks he is already a big-boy at one year old!

 The old carport is already down in this photo. The work started about four minutes after I got out of bed this the time I had a cup of coffee and remembered to get the camera...the demo part was complete.
 Framing up begins...
 My great niece Ely, who is now two! Gosh time flies, is learning to walk SIL's dog. They are about the right size ratio!
 My niece (Ely's mom) and her three boys tackled the side yard under the cedar tries together...
 Aidan and I drug freshly cut limbs...she sure has grown don't you think? One of my three younger sisters, and Mom are talking about what's left to be done...
 Rita took a break to get photos of the other two sisters...and I'm getting one of all three!
 Anna and Jan has t-shirts made that said "Team Seaman...lifetime member"...cute! (Seaman is my maiden name...for those wondering why not "shaw".)
 See how yucky some of the old wood had gotten...really time for it to come down...
 Here's the new carport...all pretty and well-built. Still needs a coat of paint, but my baby brother will handle that next week.
 Mom's front flower beds are freshly groomed, raked, and mulched...
And a pile of shrub limbs have been carried to the front street...ready for the city to pick up. We still have trash bags full of leaves and other stuff to pull out there...for now...all are home taking a well deserved break!
Hope all of you had a wonderful and productive day as well!
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