Sunday, September 14, 2008

Needle Crazy Seams

Finally, I think I've got it!
I have been wanting to do more crazy quilting, which wouldn't be difficult because I've done very little to date! Oh, I have several books...and have quilted for a while...just not much crazy quilting. Why? I'm horrible at stitching in a straight line!
The more free-hand I have; the easier it is. Too messy? Just cover it up with another button, or charm, or piece of lace. I have absolutely no fear with it comes to's the meticulious stitching that scares me to death.
So, when a fellow stitcher on my HGTV Message Board recommended a set of "stitch guides"; I jumped on ordering them. Then, let them sit in my sewing room with little notice for a couple of months. I just pulled them out and used them to stitch the front of a needle case. Wow! I have found a tool that is really going to help me out!! How stupendous is that!
So, if you're looking for some help, I highly recommend this little cottage industry product from
And, No, I don't know the lady that created these...and I don't get any kick-backs for recommending them. They simply helped me...and I believe in sharing good things. :)
Here are my photos of seam work using these (I'll not be sharing examples of seams that have gone before these...because they died an unnatural death...none too soon)...:)

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