Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twelve Dozen Template

Well, it's almost a New Year! And I hope it will be a great one for all of us, the last one sure has been a roller coaster ride hasn't it!!

The Twelve Dozen in Twelve Months Challenge is about to be in full swing!...and already I'm having such I'm on the design for #14 today!!

You've seen the first get cracking! Post your finished seam on the HGTV Message Board string for all to see!! Here's the link ( for those that are not yet members...but should be, cause it is about the best needlework forum out there! (Okay, I think it IS the best...but since I haven't been a member on ALL the others...I'll try and be PC about it) :)

I finished a template for the basic zigzag stitch yesterday...and posted the file on the CQ Wiki instructional site so you can down load it for use. It will help you produce uniform (vertical and horizontal) zigzag seams to use during this challenge...and it's free!! And, check the WIKI site out while you're there, it's full of crazy quilt tutorials!(

The template zigzag stitches are proportioned correctly to match the designs I'll be posting. Otherwise, you might have a problem fitting all those lazy daisy or french knot stitches ...into a zigzag that has more vertical and less horizontal than the one I'm using. ( would be wonderful to have more vertical and less horizontal, wouldn't it!...but there I go daydreaming again!)

There are five sizes on the template...and here's my recommendation for their use:

TINY - for doll quilts that you want to do CQ seams on
SMALL - for blocks 9" and less
MEDIUM - for blocks 9" to 14"
LARGE - for blocks over 14"
JUMBO - for circus tents

Of course, you can mix and match on the same CQ Block if you would add some variety...and your eye will tell you if the scale is right or wrong. Remember, no rules here...this is your challenge, your work, your project, your pace.

Tomorrow, I'll post stitches 3 and 4.... :)

Later in the year, when I run out of "zigzag" ideas...and add another basic stitch...I'll create a template for that/those as well and post it to the Wiki site as well.

So, get ready...hang on, this crazy ride is about to leave the station!! Woo Hoo...all aboard!!

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