Thursday, January 1, 2009

TDiTM Stitch #3

Reference: Twelve Dozen Stitches in Twelve Months

Here, finally, is simple little Stitch #3. This one seems so lovely and delicate to me, and I really like it done in beads. You will note that there is one less bead than French knots in the pattern, because of the size of the beads versus the size of French knots…and I wanted to keep the delicate feel of the stitch and three stacked beads just didn’t seem right to me. You stack them for yours if you like. 

Stitch #2 is done in size 8 perle (cotton) in light purple, coral, and very light green. The beads are 2mm size mother of pearl (dyed very light purple).

Now that I’ve got the photos large enough for you to see the details, I think I’ll have to work on the actual stitch chart. Perhaps cropping some of it out, and “shortening” the stitch row will make the actual stitches look bigger…of course, that means you don’t see the “ends” of the row, and that might be kinda weird. Well, let's give that a try...hmmmm, yep I like the larger version. I'll try to get all the "bugs" worked out of loading pictures on this blog...long before we get to Stitch number 144!!!

I’d love to see your stitches, so post to the HGTV message board when you finish. It will be interesting to see what colors you choose…and if you use any beads in your versions!

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