Sunday, March 15, 2009

Encrusted Status

I've been working on Sharon B's Encrusted class offered at and having a really good time. I have not had unlimited time to stitch on it lately...sadly...but, am trying to not lag too far behind in the lessons.

Since I love to do things that I can use, I decided on a makeup bag instead of quilt block. Not sure this was a good idea, since each side is only about 9 x 11. I want to use beaded trim along the top (right below the zipper area) currently plan on adding a lot of beads to the seams and motifs.

At present, I have some some seam which I will add beads. And have "placed" some purchased motifs to see how they look. I want to do some Silk Ribbon Flowers on the tatted piece...and perhaps a ribbon bow across the piece...not sure.

I played around with the motifs since my initial idea. Here is the whole bag, the green "stripe" is actually the bottom of the bag (it is laying sideways). Then, the next photo is the front panel with seam stitches...and last photo has the motifs as I think they'll be...but not yet stitched down.

I'll keep you posted on the progress as the seams are each completed and SRE done.

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