Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marci's Block Work

I just finished stitching on Marci's block as my part of the Round Robin group on Crazy Quilters International. It was a really pretty block to work on, purple, tan, green, cream...very well constructed...and I truly enjoyed stitching on it.

The green drew me to it first, and I had a piece of velvet rickrack that matched the colors stitched that down across one corner seam...and included some straight stitches, crystals, bullion roses, and a tiny hummingbird in flight.

Then, include one of the TDiTM favorite...lot's of French knots. Added some "rocks" at the base of the flower garden.

Lastly, I decided on a mixed group for my motif. I had a little basket was shank...but I cut the back off so it would lay flat. Then I got out the drill and put about 5 holes in the basket so I could end my SRE leafs right on top of the basket or a more realistic look. Added some embroidery "wheat" and padded leaves. Thought about SRE for the flowers...but I had recently gotten some really neat little flowers, and decided to use those...with some crystals, rocialles, and seed beads for a little more bling.

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