Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Wow...that's a topic we could talk about all day!

But, just wanted to share one of my very favorite organization tools.....dresser drawers or bureaus...or whatever name you have for them.

I use several throughout my kitchen and sewing room. Since I live in a very tiny sewing stuff is almost in every room!

Here's an old dresser that I just got from my sister, Rita...who does painted wood. I really liked the shallow drawers. At first, I thought it would be great for my laces...but then thought that perhaps I could finally get all the sizes of embroidery fibers and ribbons/trim organized.

Well, it isn't all in there...but the majority is!! ROFL...maybe I could get her to find a couple of more for me!

So, when you are thinking of organizing your sewing room...look for discount dressers! They are great for holding projects if the drawers are deep. They are super for holding supplies if the drawers are shallow. And, you can stack little clear containers on top for even more use!

Anyone else use dresser drawers to store their supplies?

Oh, and my baby..."Buddy" had to get in the photo as well. "What ya doing Mom? that food?"

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