Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Latest stitching

I've been amiss lately in stitching on a round-robin I'm in. It is a relaxed robin, no deadlines...but even so, I have let everything else come first. So, I made it my number one stitching priority after use my extra time.

The group is several lovely ladies that have befriended me (and I them) on my chat message board at HGTV. The robin is a crazy quilt block, about 20 inches in size, with a mermaid theme. However, in reality, it is more of an art block than a true crazy quilt block. We are moving outside out 'norm' and are truly loving the experience.

So, here's my work so far on Nicki's block...she did the beading on the baby mermaid. I thought that sequins (several hundred) were a good accompaniment to the baby. And the hair is done in 3 color silk thread; split stitch and long/short stitch.

I'm working on the second mermaid now...a blond! And I'll post her photo here when done.

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