Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crystal Beaded Dragonfly Motifs

Recently I beaded up a dragonfly motif for a project. I made several different colors and shapes which I plan on loading into my Artfire Studio Site if I ever get a free minute to call my own around here!

Here is a photo...with the prices as well. If anyone would like one before they are on my studio site, just send me a comment with your email (I won't post it publicly). Also, I'd be happy to make you one in any color you the red one.

All are done with Swarsvoski crystal bicones. The wings are glass on the smaller and metal alloy on the larger; each have round glass or metal beads between the crystals. The tails and body have wire armature, not thread. The tails have been slightly curved, but could also "fly straight" if you wanted.

It is also possible to make them with a ring for hanging (from the top of the head) if you wanted to use them for earring or necklace drops.

Hugs to you all!

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