Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Template

I just loaded the 4th template onto the CQ Wiki Site. It is free after you log in. Scroll down under the CQ Lessons and Info and select the templates folder.

Any/all of the template sheets can be printed onto clear velum. If you don't have velum, print them onto paper...and take that to any local office supply store that makes copies. Request a "transparency" to be made...they are less than $2 each...some places charge less than $1 each.

After you have your clear velum print or transparent copy. Cut the page into strips, allowing each of the individual template to be a single strip. Use a tiny (1/16th size) hole punch (available in the scrap booking section of any hobby store)...to punch out the marked holes. Each marked hole represents the "spot" for the needle to enter the cloth to create the templates' stitch.

This is an easy process...and a great time saver! It also produces uniform base stitches for this challenge...then follow along and stitch all of these combination of very basic seam treatments for your Crazy Quilt projects!

The templates are at http://crazyquilting.pbworks.com

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