Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TDiTM Stitch #94


Rickrack is a good divider when two fabrics are very different in color. Then you could alternate the color of you thread to mirror the opposite fabric choice! For example, green and yellow with white rickrack could have green stitching on the yellow fabric side, and yellow stitching on the green fabric side! This is a great way to blend patches together…that normally, would not appear to work well in the same area.

Here, I’m using the same thread colors on that fabric because I’m trying to also use up excess threads (specifically perle cottons) in this challenge as well. The French knots have been replaced with seed beads in pink and yellow to show how changes in color add more movement in your design.

 Personally, I will be using this seam again as it really fills the space well! You could continually decrease the “stem” straight stitch to work into triangle shaped patches as well! Very versatile!

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