Saturday, May 22, 2010


Having a better day...decided to put away all the business stuff, and the quilt show stuff...and stitch! Yeah!

Well, kinda did involve a needle and thread.

I made some new cabochons for the Studio. Then, forgot to take a photo of one of it will have to wait until tomorrow for uploading...but these others are gonna go up tonight.

I love beads!
These took two days to complete, so not a bad production time! With my other daily routine things, I'm beading a cabochon in about 2-3 hours; depending on the size. I can live with that!

Okay, edited to add this last one...her name is Rubies!

Cabochons have a flat back. They can be adapted to wear as a brooch with a pin clip and a little glue. But, mine are really created to be used on crazy quilts. They can easily be couched in place by stitching over the fringe right next to and around the cabochon. Even the fringe could be stitched down by stitching through the last bead again if you wanted the "rays" to be tamed...but I like the dimensional look of them being free to move a little.

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