Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stitch Templates

I've been posting about stitch templates since beginning the Twelve Dozen in Twelve Months (TDiTM) series of stitches. And, I have always had to direct readers to the free wiki site that has the files loaded...since it is not possible to upload pdf files directly to the blog.

However, through a handy tip about blogging...I have found you can upload any pdf file (that you don't mind being in the public domain) directly to Adobe and they will store it free of charge. And they provide you with a handy link code for you to re-insert into your blog so folks can find the file.

So, I thought I'd share a favorite template sheet of mine; and hope you enjoy working with these. The file takes a minute to load, so have patience. Then just print...copy to a transparent sheet (any copy place can do this...we used to call these "over-head projection sheets"). Cut the template into different strips so each stitch is it's own separate template. Punch out the little black "dots" so you have holes for your needle...and viola! Your own templates...and they are free!


Or just copy the image above, and paste in into any word or publishing or paint document. Re-size as you wish! Just, don't resale it as that would be against my copy write.

Of course, if you would prefer not to do all of this work...I will do it for you at a minimal cost...just send me a note. Or if you are on Facebook...just send a message to Shawkl Design Studio and we'll work out the details.

And, the CQ Wiki site has more of my free templates...just go back to the first posting about TDiTM to find out how to get to the site.

If you enjoy using templates for your might want to do a web search because there are companies that do sell various templates. Primarily they are plastic sheets that have holes punched in them in various grid patterns. Most come with a booklet that shows you which holes to use for what type of stitches. These are good...and I own about five different types! However, I frankly don't use any of them...I don't have the time to "figure out" which hole every time I want to do a, I created my own. I like seeing the triangle, or herringbone, or circle...etc. It makes it faster for me to pick up a template and "draw" some dots on my seams so I can stitch faster with great results. And, I don't mind sharing...which is why you get them free...if you don't mind doing a little of the work.

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