Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mermaid's Seashell Collection

After completing the Mermaid's Jewels this past weekend, I just could not stop! Originally, I had conceived the idea of a charm necklace because of all the seashells I owned.

But, after making lot's of dangles...lot's and lot's and lot' get the idea! I had too many! And the crystals and perles didn't go as well with the shells as I had first envisioned.

So, I created a second necklace! I love it too...but not as much as the first one! It is stunning just the same, in more of a bohemian sort of way. Seeing it on the black bust display makes me think it would really pop on a sleath dress...maybe with a little turtle neck. Or on a solid little silk dress? So many ideas (and not the wardrobe or body to pull this look off any more...ah, to be 35 again!).
 Here's a close up of the shells. I'm loading this one on the Studio jewelry page for sure!

What are your thoughts?

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