Friday, November 5, 2010

Punkin's Sewing!

We got the sewing machine set up, and Aidan took to it like a duck in water! She has sewn on my big Janome before, set on slow speed...but this little machine doesn't have a "slow down" setting. She was not intimidated a bit!
Her seam allowance is around 1/2 of an inch...but that's okay with just squares. She wants to make a blanket for her girlfriend in school, a good goal!...
 I think it is cool that her first thought was to make something for someone else...and I think she will be a great quilter when she grows up! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Edited: 11/6/2010

Holee asked to see Aidan's "shiney shoes" here ya go Bea! You know if it shines she loves it! The necklace is a horse (another love of a 7 year old girl for sure!)...and the charm bracelet was made by her mom (my gorgeous daughter!) is blue and gold because those are the Elementary School colors. Aidan loved everything!

I know that the red shoes are your favorite Bea...since you love RED so much!!! Big Hugs....Kathy

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