Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aidan's Christmas Program

This is a busy's the last week of school before the holiday break. Aidan has only half a day on Friday, and then doesn't go back to school until the 4th of January! So, she and I will have loads of things to do during that time. One big event this last week of school was the Christmas play...and here are some "grandma photos" to share with all the other doting grand-mothers following the blog!!
Her contribution was to help sing the "Santa's Coming To Town" song. The program was typical of what you might expect from about two-hundred first and second graders....loud, lively, loud, cute, loud....and, did I say loud?
Here she is...waiting to follow her fellow classmates back into the halls at the end of the performance. I had to work my way up front to get a decent photo...well, as decent as my cellphone would take.
 So, wishes for a great holiday season to everyone...and go hug an Elf!

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