Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in July...start early!

A couple of years ago...perhaps even three...I designed a couple of shadow applique quilts for teaching; and I still use them in my college classes. One was a Christmas quilt filled with lot's of holiday memories...and when I brought it to the HGTV Message Board Group...I called it Christmas in July. I think that's the month we started the quilt process. It is still in the same state as this photo shows...still needs an outside border!
Oh, I have the borders...all cut out and in the basket with the quilt center...attaching them is just way down on my priority list. The second quilt I mentioned...Bunny in the a complete top...and has been basted together...and I will be hand quilting it. So, Christmas will wait.
But, no need for anyone else to have to, if you'd like to create the will be in the files section of the Yahoo Group site. Shawkl_Blog_Files

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