Thursday, December 9, 2010

Luke's Blankie

 Here is Luke's rag quilt.

My grandson Luke is the second boy. You know the story..he always seems to get left out. Chase, his brother, was the first grandchild...and was doted over. Aidan, their niece, was the first grand-daughter and is certainly a Diva in that role! ..and Luke is stuck in the middle.

Chase got a baby quilt...and Aidan helped me make a doll quilt and pillow for her...but Luke is still waiting for something sewn by Grandma. I want to make his quilt super duper special...And, although I had loads of ideas this year to make this happen...I never could settle on one of them long enough to select fabrics. Something "better" always seemed to come into my head.

So, when December arrived...I was feeling like a pretty bad grandma. And of course, there isn't enough time before Christmas now to do a really special project. I'd love to complete a hand quilted bed-size project for each of them...but, that will wait until they are least in middle school!

What I really needed for Luke was a quilt he would snuggle up with. One that he could carry with him in the truck...without his mom worrying too much about it "getting dirty". It needed to be special...but not TOO special...if you know what I mean. He is almost still take naps...but is a 'big boy' no baby themes!

Then, in a came to me. He needed a flannel rag quilt...bigger than baby...but not quite bedsize!

And even at the first week of December...I can get a rag quilt done! Yeah! They are the very easiest of quilts to create. It took a day to cut out all of the blocks (9 1/2 inch flannel squares). Then, the next day...I sewed the whole quilt together...and washed it for the first time.

If you have never made one...try it. They are super soft...all flannel! Great for a crawling baby...or for a bed or napping spot! Layer 3 squares of flannel for each block. The top one faces front...the bottom one faces back...and the middle doesn't matter which way it faces. Treat this layer of 3 as one block...and sew it with the next block (there will be six layers). The seam allowance is about an easy to sew up. It does not have to be exact.
When the rows of blocks are all stitched together....snip each seam allowance every 1/4 of an inch...and cut almost to the seam line...but do not cut your seam! 
Sew around the outside edge of the entire quilt to keep those outside block layers all together...and snip the outside edge every 1/2 of an inch also! have a soft and durable quilt to snuggle with! 
Every time you wash it...threads (LOTS of threads!) will come loose. Over time, the seams look like chenille. Of course, that also means you will have lot's of threads in your lint keep those filters changed. 

I recommend you take the blanket to the laundromat for the first washing...and use an industrial size washer. You want a lot of agitation to loosen up those threads! I washed this one home...and my machine was really complaining!! It sounded like a bunch of squealing pigs were caught in there! Scary!! But, all seems well now...

If you have a really great quilt pattern for a little boy...please tell me about it. I'd love to get more ideas...for a "real" quilt...maybe next year. (smiles)

I had such fun doing this one...I might see if there is enough fabric for a rag quilt for Chase and Aidan this year too! See, here it goes again!!

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