Monday, January 10, 2011

No School Today!

In the south, if it snows this much...nothing moves!
That's the view from my kitchen window this morning. Here's the one from my front porch.
If you note the can see that the street is completely covered in snow. And, there's a thin sheet of ice below the snow. All you folks that routinely get snow...will think "so what". But, here in the south...we don't have snow plows because we don't get this much snow but every 5 years or so. Everything is quiet...still...and no vehicles on the road. That will change later today...but for now everyone is safely tucked inside.
Here is a view of my this is a garage apartment.
See how nice and clean they are! I just swept off the snow. My daughter laughed at me last night, when she saw I had gone to the grocery store...not for milk or bread...but for rock salt! Before the storm hit I covered my porch and steps with it! Made cleanup so easy!
Here's a view of how close I am to my Mom's house...which is why I'm in this little apartment in the first place. It's great to have her (and my brother and SIL) right next door!
And lastly, all these little foot prints...are actually paw prints. And Buddy loves the snow, here he sits...after I have called him upstairs twice. He wants to stay and chase the blackbirds in the snow! Perhaps later today...

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