Sunday, February 27, 2011

Autumn Craziness!

I'm working on an Autumn CQ Block.
It is for Thearica, a friend in North Carolina. She and I both are members of the HGTV Message Board "Quilting and Needlework". I have her as my swap partner in a crazy quilt round robin; and Thearica asked for a fall or autumn block. She has seen these sneek peeks...but not her total block.

And, NO Thearica...I'm not going to show you the whole block here either! But, I might show you an additional sneek peek!

So, here is some more eye candy...a bunch of wheat tied up with a lovely bow.
 And, a dragonfly with dimensional wings.
After Thearica receives her block...I'll come back and post the entire block. (Thearica...patience is a virtue!)

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