Thursday, February 17, 2011

I won, I won! ...and again!

It is hard for me to believe...but look what will shortly be mine!

Isn't it pretty!!! I commented on over 500 posts during the recent One World One Heart event...and actually visited all of the sites...over 800 of them! However, I did not have time to stay long at most of them because I was flying around visiting! Of course, some of them caught my eye right away...and I could tell that specific "blog" and I would become good I became a "follower" and will be keeping an eye out for their wonderful posts. Others were interesting to read and view different artist talents...but, the blogs were not "right" for my I simply enjoyed the brief visit. And a couple scared me even!

During the visits...I hoped that I would win at least one little thing after commenting on over 500 sites...but when I woke up this morning...there were no "congratulation" emails for me. No great surprise my luck really is not good with this sort of things. [This is the reason I stopped buying lotto tickets!]

Then around noon...I got a real surprise. An email from Dale Ann of "Chronicles of Whimsy"...with notice that I had won something! And not just a simple something...but this astonishing necklace. It will be my new talisman of good-luck! If you have a minute...hop on over and check out Dale Ann's blog...and her stupendous artistic endeavors!!

Oh my...I've won again! Becky of ArtBeckons emailed me today...and I won a great book on wreaths! Check this out!
I can't wait to get it. Becky does multi-media art...which is not usually my "thing"...but her site is full of great worth my visit there. Go check it might get hooked by her posts and let loose your Artsy Self!

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