Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TDiTM Stitch #133

 We are nearing the completion of the Twelve Dozen in Twelve Months challenge. At times, I have wondered if it was actually possible to get to 144 simple stitches...but now find that the finish line is coming up fast! So, in honor of this last dozen steps...let's get in a few stitches that have a different in base. These are also simple enough...but, not my first choice as a base...so, I am challenging myself in a few of these.

The Cretan stitch is familiar to lot's of folks...I know this because I see it used a lot by other stitcher's. However, I am still very uncomfortable with it. So, I rely heavily on my templates to keep the seam line neat and straight. In my mind...I think of this as a ladder. Not the kind you use around the house...but the ones seen sometimes on telephone poles...with the steps staggered instead of straight across. And so, I turn my seam so it is vertical to my body when I stitch it. I take little bites of the fabric with my needle always pointing to the center of my ladder...which causes me to change the direction of my needle. First it's pointing left, then it's pointing right, and then repeat. I always keep my thread in the center...and that causes it to get "captured" under the needle with each stitch...making this feel a bit like the blanket stitch as well.
Isn't it scary to see a glimpse inside my head! I'm sure I am the only person in the world that thinks like this! Thank goodness for the little dots to follow...or this would be one hot mess!

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