Monday, March 7, 2011

Deloris BE Block

This weekend I worked on a Brazilian Embroidery CQ block for Deloris. The block is one of four I'll be working on for this round robin, hosted by Crazy Quilters International yahoo group. Here is a close up of my portion of the block.
I added the silver/green trim along that long middle seam line...and did the pink/green middle section.
Lot's of bullions! The center flower has bullions that are 35 and 55-65 wraps.
I struggled getting these large bullions done. None of the needles I had were working well, even the milliners that I had recently received made by EdMar. Finally, I pulled out my doll needle and found that the eye was very slender...and it worked best of all! And it was about 8 inches held all of the wraps I'd ever want to include! It is still cumbersome...but worked best of all that I had on hand. Here is the block after my round was finished.
 Isn't it pretty! I'm sure Deloris will like it. I'm not due to mail until the end of the month...although it is already done and in the it has a rest before getting in the mail.

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