Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not Your Granny's Yarns!!

And...coming from a "Granny"...I know! Check out the great fibers I found at the "Yarn" shop yesterday! Wonderful for more Under the Sea crazy quilt landscapes!
Jacksonville has had a yarn shop for  few years now, right in the middle of the Town Square. And lucky for me, right next door to the nail shop I go to! It called "The Taming of the Ewe"...which I think is so clever. Well, they have tons of yarn of knitting is their biggest activity. They also do crochet, spinning, needle punch, and other things. For me, I was looking for yarns that "might" be able to be used in crazy quilt projects...and what I found was just gorgeous and luscious!
This skein is silk! Bright jewel colors made from left over Sari threads. Cool!
This skein reminds me of chenille, but it isn't. It will be great to stitch with too I think!
And lastly this skein is similar to ribbon and will couch down wonderfully!  So, the next time you see YARN SHOP, pull over and check it out! You might find some great fibers for crazy quilting projects too! And, if you want a smidgen of these...just send me a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope...and I'll send you some back! My address is in the Contacts Info on the Studio website.

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