Friday, March 18, 2011

Poor, poor Buddy!

Ya'll are having so much fun with the caption contest I thought you might enjoy more photos of Sam and Buddy.
Have you ever had a partner that refuses to share the blankets? Cause if you can certainly sympathize with poor, poor Buddy.
You take it just as long as you can.
Then you give up and go sleep on the twin bed or the sofa! Buddy is about 3 years old, but has the soul of a very old man...and 3 month old Sam is driving him nuts! I just know Buddy will be so glad to see Monday come and Sam go home!

UPDATE: This has become status quo!! Guess we know who the Alpha Male is...
Poor, poor, Buddy...
And, he doesn't even try to get into his bed any more. These are in the office/storage room...and when we enter, Buddy just goes to the little bed. I really feel kind of sorry for the poor thing. But he gets the upper hand at night. Sam sleeps in his training cage and Buddy gets the foot of my bed! And if I listen real close..I swear I can almost here Buddy say "ha, gotcha!".

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