Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Basket Find!

Check out this cool Easter Basket find! Found it at Bill's Dollar Store for $15 bucks!
It is huge...and Aidan will have a fit when she sees it! I also got a huge stuffed bear ($5 on Valentine's Clearance), Two chocolate bunnies ($1 each), and a tall doll ($5) to add to the "loot". I have jelly beans from my secret sister this month to include as well!

So, it is in my a huge black trash bag, behind a chair! The fact that I can camouflage something so big and hide you insight to the amount of "clutter" in my office! Really, it's a storage room with my laptop and a chair! It is where I put my craft supplies, Studio stock, shipping containers, jewelry displays, and anything else I can't find a spot for. Do you have such a room? Then you know what I mean! No? Well, it's a huge dumping ground that needs to be sorted, organized, and cleaned out...want to come help me? Yeah, me neither...which is why is still looks like this! I'd rather be stitching!


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