Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not Posting Today

Well, at least not about stitching. It's been a hard week so far...and I've not sewn on anything except a few stitches on a surprise swap piece, which I can't blog about.

But, I thought I'd at least let you know I was alive and kicking! The sinus crud is still in full swing...and I don't think I've gotten 6 hours of sleep in the past four days! So, I'm tired and can't think enough to be creative!

Sommer goes to the hospital today for a scan of her liver. She got her annual physical last week and her white blood cell count is very high (over 250) when it's supposed to be around 20 so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She has been battling the sinus crud too, and has a UTI. So we think that the infection is the cause of the elevated white count...however, they want to scan her liver to just make sure it's not something worse. She is also anemic. They have advised she quit smoking and no more beer drinking for her on the weekends...(I totally agree...but hey, I'm not young any fun is not important to me! Ha!)

She was trying go get some sleep today...after working last night. But, NO...she had to get up and go to the school to pick up Aidan. Ms. Aidan has been mis-behaving lately. She talks in class...a lot! She does not listen to the teacher, and is talking back. And this is just the first grade! (Oh the joys to come in following years I'm sure!!)

She has been in the principle's office off and on for about 3 months now; AND has gotten little "behavior" comments on her report card too. We have tried taking away privileges, spanking, time out, and she crys and carries on...and then does it again the next week.

This week, she has been in the principle's office each day. The principal makes her write sentences..."I shall not talk, I shall not thrown food in the lunchroom, I shall not whatever...." but, apparently that has not worked. So, today...they called her mother...and Sommer had to go and pick her up. She brought her to me (Nana's get the FUN jobs too!). So, right now...Aidan is in bed...for a nap (punishment). She will not get any TV time today either. When she gets up...the plan is to feed her a peanut butter sandwich and milk (prison food)...and give her school style work to do. No fun things. I'm thinking about corporal punishment (have her help me mop the floors) but I'm not sure I have the strength to carry that out!

So, no fun for either of us today it seems...and I was wondering if any ya'll had any suggestions you'd like to share? See...I'm desperate! I'm pleading for help to the public at large!

Aidan is a good kid generally; makes all A's...but just won't stop talking when she has something to say. (Sounds a lot like her Nana...I know...hush! this is not about me...) And, I have told her many times that she has to be quiet in school, listen to her teacher, do her work...and not get in trouble.

When we were children (my mom has seven!)...I don't remember us having problems in school. At least not to the point that my parents had to go pick one of us up! Of course, in those days kids got whippings if they were bad....first at school, and then when they got home. I myself have carried many a stripe across my legs from a hickory switch and on rare occasion, my Dad's belt. The fear of getting a whipping kept me in line pretty much. Today...that's not an acceptable have children be in "fear" of you. I'm not sure I agree or disagree with this. Depends on the particular mood I'm in when asked the am wishing for a hickory bush. But, instead...I'm going to go lie down and get my own nap! Think I'm gonna need one! Hope the coughing doesn't keep me awake!

Now is your day going?

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